We continue to have very low cost of operations

October 1, 2013

If you look at the net back analysis, the average brent price as I mentioned was just under a $100 per barrel. We continue to have very low cost of operations, our base cost of operations excluding project activity was $8.30 per boe. And when we look at the cash margin net back after we take off transportation and production taxes very strong cash margin net backs for the full year, $83 per barrel..

Berkeley’s offense worked smoothly on Tuesday with just four hitting errors in the match. The Oilers didn’t exactly make it tough on the Jackets, dinking easy free balls over the net for easy passes and sets by Berkeley. Richmond’s only point of the first game came on a rotation penalty on the Jackets.

Johnson was not wearing a life jacket, though Wheeler said that would not have helped in this instance. A fellow paddler discovered he had a cellphone signal and was able to call for help. Wheeler said that because of the location, with no nearby roads, it took rescue personnel about an hour to reach the site by both jetboat and canoes..

The job of Britain police is to protect nuclear power stations from threats. This involves preparing for events in which they might have to tackle potential intruders, for example. The worst case scenario they prepare for is an attack that successfully targets a nuclear power station or results in the theft of nuclear material..

The RealReal has established a new assurance of luxury fashion resale value beyond the doldrums of eBay, but building a brand on reselling what’s cheap canada goose sale real leaves no room for user error. On Tuesday, CBS News reported on the filing of Canada Goose Parka a complaint in California: A Michigan woman said she was sold a gemstone with a carat weight that was misrepresented on the site. If you’re browsing, hours can melt away.

“There’s a lot to rummage around,” she said. “It’s well done and well put together. There’s a lot of merchandise that’s pleasing to the key. 8. The daily limit of five mergansers may include no more than two hooded mergansers. For ducks and mergansers, the possession limit is three times the daily cheap Canada Goose limit..

Employees said the man entered the store with a revolver and demanded money. He escaped with an undisclosed amount Canada Goose online of cash. Officers searched the area with a tracking dog but were unable to locate the man. WEISBLAT BROS CO. Automobiles Used Can. Tor Sale.

The 2002 murder of Christa Worthington, found stabbed to death with her 2 and a half Canada Goose sale year old daughter, unharmed at her side. What came next canada goose outlet sale was a three year search for her killer that would involve unorthodox steps by police, a lengthy canada goose store list of potential suspects and an entire town under suspicion. Prosecutors say the evidence against McCowen linked site https://www.thecanadagooseoutlet.com Canada Goose Outlet is Canada Goose Jackets “overwhelming” investigators got a DNA hit, an incriminating statement from McCowen and a guilty verdict but McCowen’s current attorney Gary Pelletier believes his client is innocent and has been working on gathering new evidence for what may be the convicted murderer’s last chance to get a new trial..

At tebak eaa,,,,

aku adlah nma canada goose black friday sale town yg distri dri 9 hrup,,,
2 hrup p’tma adlah kta canada goose clearance mock,,
4 hrups on the ground adlah animals b’kaki 4,,
and 3 final hrs adna nma tool prekat,,,… What is the city kuu,,,..????. Safety is key during night fishing, so follow these suggestions. Make sure a friend or family member knows your plans including where you’re going and when you plan to be back. Don’t fish alone; having an extra set of ears and eyes is just good sense.

Its size means it can be missed when out for a stroll. It is also one of only two British owls that are active during daytime1, the other being the short eared owl. It has a peculiar trait where it bobs its head up and down regularly, which is believed to help it judge distance..

Naturally, the amount of faeces they produce is directly proportional to the amount they eat. This unfortunate side effect may result in lawns and pathways unfit for human use. Canada Geese soon grow complacent about traffic. One day after Christmas, four of us walked, early as usual, to town for a drink. In the camp it was normal, but on our return, late at night, we took a short cut Canada Goose Outlet to our latrine, which was far cheap canada goose jacket away in cheap canada goose outlet the corner of the field. Unknown to us and after we had left the camp that day, an order had come from higher office to guard the camp.

As you will remember, we completely redesigned our pant while a year ago. The 11% comp we estimate in this category canada goose in Q3 validates the strength of our assortment as this entire category continues to resonate with our guests. The Align Pant, which uses our exclusive new looks fabric has become our number one pant style in less than a year continuing to build on the naked sensation family, we just introduced the new looks fabric designed for high sweat and high intensity training.

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