I’m sure you’re already pouring liquid cognitive dissonance

November 2, 2013

In the first half they scored on every posession but one. Where was our talented and experienced defense? Mich scored what? twice in the first half if I remember correctly? And one of those was a field goal? There is no way we should not have scored every time we had the ball against that team. And then in the second half at the end of the game we settle for a field goal to win? This goes to my statements about Lloyd being safe and conservative.

Blank, who majored in chemistry and sociology at Hope, will attend the University of Michigan. Her activities as a student included participating in research, serving as a laboratory teaching assistant, the Chemistry Club and serving as an academic coach with TRiO Upward Bound. She is the daughter of Dr.

With their allowances and earnings from odd jobs, the students purchased new Beanie Babies on eBay and from the MCPS Wagging Tails Thrift Shop. At the MCPS Paws in the Park benefit last April, the children offered the plush dogs as incentives to anyone who donated to the Humane Society. They also offered handmade jewelry and bookmarks.

Dozens of protesters inside Washington Dulles International Airport chanted Not Hate, Makes America Great and It Loud, Say it Clear, Muslims Are Welcome Here, as travelers walked through a terminal to a baggage claim area to collect luggage and greet their loved ones. There was a heavy police presence during the peaceful protest. Virginia Gov.

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Is a bowl with lemon and honey, sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, said Bias, whose other son, Jay, was shot and killed in the parking lot at Prince George Mall in 1990 after an argument. Character is defined through hardship. Bias didn know Len used cocaine.

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