This thought cycle constantly fucks with me

November 10, 2013

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If you really don’t feel comfortable enough sharing all those details with your therapist then maybe you should try and find a different one that’s easier to communicate with. That being said, I feel like therapy works better the more you put into it. I cheap moncler coats for women try to be as brutally honest with my therapist as possible and not leave out any details because if I do, then I’m really only cheating myself out of proper treatment.

buy moncler jackets I do also try and be a little cautious around the topic of suicide though, but still honest moncler jackets outlet by making clear that I’m not suicidal with intent, at that cheap moncler jackets moment, and that my thoughts are more towards ideation. What they look for to hospitalize a person is intent, and a plan. You still seem like you’re in a phase with no intent, especially since you are still thinking about other people and putting their pain before yours. That’s still difficult to deal with of course, and requires treatment, but the times I moncler jackets kids went off the deep end and actually intended to kill myself, I couldn’t even see the future anymore. Moncler Factory Outlet Couldn’t comprehend my family and friends finding my body, none of it mattered, I just wanted to die and had numerous plans. Thankfully I didn’t do it, with the help of some friends and a heavy dose of klonopin. But I mention this to contrast a state of suicidal intent, cheap moncler jackets wholesale vs ideation. Therapists are trained to know when it actually is or isn’t appropriate to hospitalize someone, so you gotta trust them at some point, otherwise it’s a lot harder for them to give you the treatment you need.

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Oh man, same. I try so hard not to feel jealous but sometimes I can’t help but feel a little sting. Especially since there doesn’t seem to be much hope. I dunno, discount moncler jackets I’m not really that attractive and I feel like male femmes are moncler coats for cheap all super attractive and could easily get with someone better looking and cooler than cheap moncler me. I know this isn’t the most mature perspective and usually have a better head about moncler jackets toronto this stuff, but I’ve just been depressed lately so I guess it stings a little bit more.

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Yeah, this moncler outlets uk is probably a bad idea tbh. As someone who is bipolar, it’s actually really hard for me to not look back at my psychedelic use with a lot of regret, as it may have contributed to things getting worse in my case. Don’t get me wrong, for some people with depression or anxiety, the perspectives gained while on psychedelics can moncler outlet kids be immensely healing and go a moncler jacket online long moncler coats for women way in helping to break certain thought patterns, and introduce new healthy ones. But bipolar is an actual chemical imbalance as far as I understand, and for some people, psychedelic use can worsen their symptoms or send them spiraling off into a manic phase. On top of that, psychedelics can react dangerously with some mood stabilizers, and antipsychotics can absolutely kill any recreational effect, so you’d moncler outlet canada have to go off your meds.

moncler outlet store I do genuinely appreciate psychedelics, and look moncler outlet online store back on some of the memories I made with them very fondly. But when I got my diagnosis, I had moncler outlet location to draw a hard line, and accept that, that part of my life was over, because the risks were too high.

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I’d honestly rather do some good acid or MDMA than get laid any day. I wouldn’t want to give up sex entirely for drugs of course, but I feel like there’s actually plenty of drugs more powerful and certainly more interesting.

I think love or romantic feelings are a drug that more people come into contact with on a regular basis so it has more womens moncler jackets of a chance of effecting people, positively moncler jacket outlet or negatively like in your example. But moncler coats sale even if you think about it from a chemical standpoint, sex will release the same handful moncler jackets on sale of neurotransmitters that many drugs do, but at not nearly the same intensity.

moncler sale Hell there are even endogenous states that are more intense than love or sex drives. Mania feels moncler outlet mall way better than even being deeply in love, and it’s definitely more intense and dangerous because of the impulsivity that comes from it. Psychosis I’ve never experienced but from what I know about it, it’s definitely more intense and more dangerous than a persons love or sex drive, it’s just also incredibly dysphoric. I’d even argue that some severe depressive states are more powerful and impactful on a persons life than “potential pussy”.

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moncler outlet sale I can moncler coats cheap kind of relate to this. When I’m hypomanic, everything seems to be infused with this extra layer of meaning. This is kind of embarrassing, since I do try to read philosophy and psychology somewhat seriously and tend to laugh at the people who read it without knowing what the fuck they are talking about (like when deepak chopra talks about quantum physics). I swear I’m an educated, rational person, but this one time I happened to be reading a lot of Carl Jung during one of my episodes, along with Thus moncler outlet ny Spake Zarathustra, and long story moncler outlet woodbury short, I tried founding my own religion, cheap moncler jackets outlet complete with its own cosmology and set of daily rituals. All rationality when approaching these readings just went out the window and this well of very literal, spiritual meaning moncler outlet usa seemed to permeate everything in my life. I later got really moncler jackets for women into paganism along these same lines.

cheap moncler coats It’s kind of frustrating because I know I’m a rational person, and I know I can read about these things without going overboard and looking like an moncler coats outlet absolutely uneducated idiot when I’m moncler coats for kids in my right state of mind. But it always is hard to tell when “the right state discount moncler outlet of mind” has slipped away until it’s far too late, isn’t it?

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moncler outlet online I’m specifically talking about in the West, but even outside of that in some places a trans person might be put to death, so moncler coats for men even though statistics bear this out in the west, I think we can be relatively sure moncler outlet that it holds up as a generality.

moncler outlet Also it kind of does matter. Ignoring the severity of the way certain groups are marginalized moncler jackets men isn’t gonna help change anything or make things better for anyone. I don’t see any value in just disregarding the differences in how certain groups are treated from a social standpoint.

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Well of course disregarding certain groups of people entirely wont do anyone any bit of good. However, wasting energy and possible in fighting of allies over which group has it worse does what exactly?

Also, as far as a generality I’d have to disagree, many people can/are put to death for a variety of reasons. So to say that one group faces challenges that other groups would “never” face or have historically Discount Moncler Coats faced is a bit of a reach.

cheap moncler jackets Do trans people have unique challenges and are at higher risk of violence here in the West than non trans people? Absolutely. Do trans people faces challenges and violence that non transpeople have never faced or ever could face? No, that would be an moncler jackets cheap over generalization and false.

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I’ve noticed the same culture around this and it drives me nuts but probably for different reasons. I’ve moncler jackets canada always had this obsession that I’m actually the one who’s moncler jackets mens faking and have all my doctors moncler outlet store and therapists fooled. Like the most skillful hypochondriac. I have the wool pulled over everyone’s eyes so thoroughly that even I can’t tell if I’m lying. “I must be faking”, I constantly think to myself. The inevitable result is that I end up using this as an excuse to get off my medication and end up having another bad episode only to have to go back into treatment. This thought cycle constantly fucks with me, and other people using this kind of flippant language such as “so and so is being so bipolar” or “I’m so OCD today” really triggers me tbh.

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I feel like “the most skillful hypochondriac” sometimes too. It’s fairly common in many forms of mental disorders.

I believe there is a specific term for it, but in the meantime, we can compare these feelings to Moncler Outlet sale the feelings of someone with imposter syndrome.

When I addressed this with my psychiatrist, he told me that it wasn’t even close to uncommon. (Except he did say it was uncommon for someone to admit it to their doctor) He explained that it is a coping mechanism for people dealing with difficult mood disorders.

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