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November 28, 2013

How NOT to Parent a Kid with Asperger

NBC’s show Parenthood started it’s fourth season this fall. I’ve watched this show since the beginning moncler coats cheap and in general I think it’s a lovely show. The acting is good (in particular, Mae Whitman as Amber, an intelligent, likeable young woman in the midst of the complicated process of becoming an adult), the characters are complex and realized with discount moncler jackets good qualities and bad, just like real people. Sometimes I love them and sometimes I moncler coats for women want to punch them in the mouth. Again, just like real people! I really like this show, with one exception: the treatment of the the character of Max Braverman.

If you don’t watch the show, moncler outlet usa let me give you a little background. Max is a eleven year old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome. He was diagnosed in the early episodes of the first season. If you are unfamiliar with Asperger’s, it is a semi mild form of autism. People with AS are high functioning (think more Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory and less Raymond Babbit from Rain Man), usually highly intelligent, incredibly focused on one or two specific topics, studious and determined. These positive traits unfortunately come with some drawbacks. As with most autistic people, those with AS moncler outlet have trouble relating to others. They do not instinctively read facial expressions and body language and so often unintentionally offend others. They are generally highly sensitive to loud noises, don’t like to be touched, and react badly to unexpected occurrences. These sensitivities can lead to reactions called meltdowns: loud screaming, head banging, foot stamping fits that resemble tantrums. And herein lies my problem with the show’s treatment of Max.

cheap moncler outlet Max and moncler jackets toronto his family go to a diner moncler coats for men to celebrate his older sister’s immanent departure for college. The restaurant is crowded and noisy, not ideal for any AS person. Max is getting upset and impatient. The waitress is slow in getting to the table. Max is getting more and more restless. He’s jumping around in the seat and banging on the table. His parents don’t say anything about this behavior, even though he’s knocking into his sister and clearly disturbing other diners. Finally the waitress arrives. Max loudly moncler outlet canada informs her that she is a terrible waitress. She’s slow and she sucks and whatever else. Again his parents ignore this behavior. Max orders a torpedo burger and the waitress tells him that burger is no longer moncler jackets for women on the menu. Then all hell breaks loose. Max devolves into a full out meltdown, moncler jackets cheap screaming, kicking, slamming the table. Do his parents stop this? Do they give him any strategies for calming himself? Do they remove him from the diner until he moncler jackets is calm again? No. They are irritated with the restaurant for not bending to Max.

moncler outlet sale I could go on with example after example of this show’s portrayal of Adam and Kristina attempting to bend the world to fit Max. As a parent of a child with AS I find this appalling. My son has meltdowns just like any other AS person, but his dad and I try to teach him strategies to control and contain these episodes. We are trying to teach him that it is not okay to disturb others and we never, never allow him to speak rudely to others without consequence. This is not to say we punish him for these things that are not in his control but we point them out as unacceptable behavior and ask him to apologize to anyone he has offended. You see, we believe in preparing him for adulthood and we don’t want him to be shocked and dismayed moncler outlet ny when he finds out that the world doesn’t bend to his will. It’s sad to think the creators of this show think letting AS kids run wild is a good way to parent. Hopefully most parents of AS kids don’t think this way, because I shudder to think of the lonely, unhappy life the fictional Max is headed for in adulthood.

Brooke 2 years ago

I am not a parent, nor do I know anyone with Aspergers. I just started watching parenthood and I feel love/hate for this show. cheap moncler jackets wholesale Mostly because of max, while I think he’s a good actor I just don’t understand. He is NEVER punished, I’m at the end of season two right now and I just don’t understand why he can get away with anything? Amber was just in the hospital and he proceeded to have a tantrum. Screaming at the top of his lungs, saying moncler outlet location he didn’t care about amber, telling his grandpa to shut up, and hitting his mother. Adam later tried to talk to him and Max doesn’t see how he did anything wrong. I guess I just want to know if this is normal? I’ve heard max say multiple times that haddie needs consequences for something she did, but does he think he doesn’t?

moncler outlet moncler jackets canada Kie 3 years ago

buy cheap moncler moncler jackets I think that Parenthood should be taken for what it is, a tv show. If people start moncler coats to use it as a guidebook on how to parent, moncler jackets on sale then we’re going to have a problem.

moncler sale Each of the characters in the show has flaws, and i think that’s the beauty of it. It shows the complexity of family life without making any of them perfect.

So sure there moncler outlet mall are going to be plenty of moments where the characters anger us or do things we’d do differently. In my eyes that’s just the sign of a well written tv show.

monlcer down jackets LiL 3 moncler outlet kids years ago

moncler outlet online FINALLY!!! Someone with some sense. Everyone makes excuses saying moncler outlet uk how generous she is and how her life is so hard. Shes rude, judgemental, and thoughtless. She lets Max use Aspergers as an excuse to act like her. They are both rude. Her and Adam are the worst. I really feel bad for Haddie. I hate how they think everyone else has to be understanding and cater Cheap Moncler to their son’s fits. He has such potential to be a better person instead they spoil him and blame everyone else. I get soo angry watching them. They make it seem like their problems are the only ones that matter. Adam trying to sell the Luncheonette without caring what his brother wanted. I couldn’t even feel bad for Kristina discount moncler outlet when she got cancer. I can’t stand their whole family other than moncler chicago Haddie.

cheap moncler sale I love Zeke and Camille. Sydney and Max, biggest pains ever but Max is his parents fault. Hes a great actor though.

moncler mens jackets reneeymoore 3 years ago from Temple Hills, Maryland

I just started watching this show on Netflix. I thought it was me. I scream at the TV every episode.

moncler sale outlet 1. I’m SICK of Kristina’s crying. She cries every freaking episode and I’m on season 4 so that is a LOT of crying.

2. I want Adam to say NO to someone/ anyone sometimes. I’m sick of Kristina manipulating him with her constant cheap moncler jackets crying.

3. I want them to parent Max. I don’t understand the bending of rules and never punishing Discount Moncler Coats or addressing his behavior. They always seem to excuse his behavior because he has AS. I don’t have a child with AS so I didn’t know if this was normal but I moncler coats for kids do know that he gets away with some terrible behavior on this show. They can’t protect him from the world. And they aren’t preparing him for it either.

When he called Kristina a bitch that day before the family trip, I was shocked that she punished him. Then of course she gave in and flew out to meet them. Someone would have found my lifeless body had I said that to my mother so I just don’t moncler outlet store get rewarding him with a trip. The same with that bratty attitude with the dog. And when he wanted to run for student council, they wanted him to not do it b/c he might cheap moncler jackets outlet be teased. So? Who hasn’t been teased in their life? Or lost at something? Why not allow him to run and see how it goes. Let him try to fail or try and win. But stop trying to protect him from womens moncler jackets what will ultimately happen when he grows up. LIFE!

pam 3 years ago

Hi, i watch parenthood on a regular basis and have been struggling with how maxs parents handle his outbursts. As a parent without a child with AS i wasn’t sure how they should handle him! But as the show has gone on i keep saying to myself, “please parents stop letting him walk all over you!” I was moncler jackets outlet online happy to hear ur comments of how they shouldn’t be letting him cheap moncler coats for women get away with his behavior, cuz i was irritated moncler outlets uk at how they handled him but as a parent w/o a child with AS i didn’t know! I would hope they(on the show) fix how the parents handle him so other parents don’t try moncler outlets usa it their way!! God bless!

cheap moncler coats R 3 years ago

As someone who works with autistic children thank you so much for this post! Too often parents encourage and condition inappropriate behavior because they are afraid to say no to their children. It is a much harder job to say no to a child that may not necessarily understand or why and it takes a tough parent who truly wants the best for their child to do it!

Carmen Francis 3 years ago

This show does not represents real life families, they seems to be in each others business to much, they are terrible at parenting their moncler jacket outlet kids, I think the only parent on the show who really discipline their child is Jasmine. Adam and Kristina are the worst parents on the show, who the hell Official Moncler Outlet start a school, because your kid can’t get along with in a regular school setting, are they going to start moncler jacket online a university for moncler coats for cheap their son too, or a company for him to work. He has to learn how to act and behave in society, like the rest of us, and that starts in the home, moncler coats outlet at school, and other places in the community.

cheap moncler jackets laura 3 years ago

I like the show, but I think everyone’s “parenting” (what ever happened to “raising” a child?) sucks. They all hover, micro manage, over moncler jackets outlet protect, and invade each other’s space. IMHO this is not a functional family.

moncler outlet store gina 3 years ago

cheap moncler I love/hate this show. The so called parenting (I call it non parenting) of Max is one thing that drives me nuts. In season one, Zeke (Zeek?) makes a comment about how “That kid is running your household,” and I thought Finally! moncler coats sale Someone’s going to start doing something that resembles discipline. Boy was I wrong. I’m almost at the end of season two and still, that little brat is in command. I don’t believe in corporal punishment, but I do believe that giving the reins over to a child spells Doom.

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