Sure someone could call in and say “this car is blocking my

January 18, 2014

Just a note of caution about these devices do not have to be FDA approved, and the data (especially on devices that work with bluetooth) can be hacked. Hacking a medical device, AFAIK, has only been done as a what I can do? gimmick, but the security of these things isn great. Devices that work via apps usually do not pass through the FDA approval process..

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swimwear sale Its directly analogous to your car getting towed and immediately destroyed, with whatever personal belongings were in it gone immediately. Sure someone could call in and say “this car is blocking my driveway, and has been sitting there for 5 days. It illegally parked, remove it.” but that doesn give the city the right to destroy it without a way for the owner to get it back in tact swimwear sale.

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