‘How do you leave us behind? Why didn’t you consult with us?’

May 25, 2014

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canada goose Even worse: He had no idea what threats his family faced back home.”Even at the beginning, I never really had any fear or worries about myself,” Lilesa said. “My fear and concern was always for my family.”They were very sad because they didn’t want to lose me; they didn’t want to be separated. ‘How do you leave us behind? Why didn’t you consult with us?’ [My wife] was sad and emotional, but she understands why I have to do this because she understands the problems in the country.”One cheap yeezys day after the Olympics cheap jordans free shipping concluded, a government spokesman spoke publicly for the first time, promising Lilesa a hero’s welcome and ensuring him that he “will not face any problems for his political stance.””I don’t believe any of it,” Lilesa said Monday.He pointed out that the day of his race, a local state run television station called him a “terrorist messenger.””So which one should I believe? The government saying I’m a messenger for terrorists? Or the government saying I’m a hero?” he said canada goose.

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