Let’s start with the moncler jackets cheap Nasdaq

June 13, 2014

Investor Official Moncler Outlet Discusses Buying on the discount moncler outlet Way Down

DARYN KAGAN, CNN ANCHOR: We’re going to begin with a look at moncler coats the stock market, which opened Moncler Factory Outlet the day’s trading just about 30 minutes ago. We have CNN Financial moncler jackets kids News moncler outlet canada reporters monitoring what could be a wild ride. There’s Greg Clarkin, who’s following the Nasdaq. Meanwhile, Christine Romans is at the New York Stock Exchange.

Christine, you start first out of the gate.

moncler outlet CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, I tell you, it’s sloppy and choppy here in the early going for both the techs and the broader market. And, Daryn, that is an improvement over recent days. Investors overall, though, having a difficult time finding a bottom to this market.

cheap moncler jackets Throwing salt onto yesterday’s wounds, moncler outlets uk bad news from AT and Lucent Technologies. Let’s start with the moncler jackets cheap Nasdaq, which saw its second heaviest trading cheap moncler jackets day ever yesterday, plummeting more than 7 percent, now down another 17 points after moving on the upside in the early going here. Shares of Palm, the maker of electronic moncler jackets outlet online handsets, are tumbling moncler outlet uk about 9 cheap moncler points. Last night, it edged past earnings estimates, but disappointed investors with its revenue numbers.

moncler outlet store As for the Dow industrials, they’re really choppy here in the early going as well, moncler coats cheap up 16 points, 10335. AT though, is falling 1 1/4. It warned that fourth quarter results will miss estimates. It also slashed the quarterly dividend it pays to shareholders by more than expected.

moncler mens jackets Also here on the big board, Moncler Outlet uk Lucent Technologies is down a point and three quarters after, once again, warning investors about its quarterly earnings Daryn.

cheap moncler coats KAGAN: Christine, two numbers catching my eye there; moncler jackets toronto not just the low number of the Nasdaq, but, as you mentioned, the volume. What is the significance of the heavy trading?

ROMANS: Well, it’s interesting because some people say that that heavy trading and the big moves down are a sign of something they’re moncler jackets mens calling “capitulation,” which means the market is finding a bottom, you’re buy moncler jackets toronto getting people throwing in moncler coats for women the towel, selling off and just being done with it. And some people are saying, once you get cheap moncler jackets wholesale all the sellers squeezed out of this market and you’ve found a bottom and the buying can stick. Other people, though, say that that big volume on the downside shows that people are willing moncler jackets for women to sell at just about any price. They want out of this, and that’s not a good sign for the market.

moncler sale KAGAN: Christine Romans from the New York Stock Exchange.

cheap moncler From there, we go across town to Greg Clarkin, moncler outlet usa who is at the Nasdaq Greg.

cheap moncler outlet cheap moncler coats for women GREG CLARKIN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hi there, Daryn. We are standing outside the Nasdaq marketsite in Times Square where it’s, needless to say, a much different mood than it was maybe eight months ago when the Nasdaq peaked above 5000.

cheap moncler sale Now, since then, the Nasdaq has lost about 54 percent of its value and investors have seen some of those big name tech stock Microsoft, moncler jackets men Cisco, womens moncler jackets Intel really plunging in recent months.

So what moncler outlet are the individual investors doing? Well, we found an interesting take from one gentleman here this morning. He is Michael Mulhall of Long Island.

And, Michael, you tell us that you’ve been buying on the way down here, right? Give me some of your strategy.

moncler outlet sale MICHAEL MULHALL, Discount Moncler Coats TECHNOLOGY INVESTOR: Well, some of the strategy is that I obviously agreed that the market couldn’t support the fundamental values that it displayed a year earlier. However, given this backdrop, and given the need for technology not only today https://www.kinkhost.com but well into the future, one has to look at where we are today and say that under these price to earnings multiples, they make a lot more sense and they’re a lot more attractive.

moncler sale outlet And while I agree moncler outlet kids with some of the professionals you moncler outlet ny shouldn’t try and pick the bottom, this is a good time as any to add to your positions and take a look at some of the real key players in the marketplace and try moncler jacket online and identify the real, proven winners, the ones with the history of success. And if you do that, I think you’ll do OK.

moncler outlet online CLARKIN: Michael, you said you called moncler outlet mall this big drop on the Nasdaq quite moncler chicago a while back. What was the reaction from friends and family?

buy moncler jackets MULHALL: moncler coats for cheap That moncler jacket outlet I was out of my mind and I didn’t know what I was talking about. And I’ve suffered miserably probably for the moncler outlets usa last two years with listening to it. And I take no pleasure in the fact that the market’s gone down. But at the same time, history will show that it’s bottoms and tops. And last year at 5000, you had companies that had no proven track record that had losses trading at unbelievable multiples while you had and then rewarding companies that obviously had track records being rewarded with unbelievable multiples. It didn’t make any moncler coats sale sense.

CLARKIN: Now, you are buying moncler outlet location some of these stock, as you said. Do you feel uneasy at all with the market continuing to fall? MULHALL: Sure, there’s a little uneasiness. But I mean, if what’s your choice? You can park your money in cash and get rewarded with 3 or 4 percent moncler coats outlet return, you can go into government bonds and maybe get 5 percent return, or you can look at the stock market, which, historically, has averaged 12 to 15 percent. Yes, there have been periods where you moncler outlet online store have not been rewarded, but with moncler outlet woodbury low inflation I can’t see how you can go wrong.

CLARKIN: Now, with your history of accurate predictions, what are you calling for the markets?

MULHALL: Oh, I’m probably going to suffer for a cheap moncler jackets outlet year. No, I’m only kidding. I think there’s a good chance, given the poor liquidity at the end of the year, given the poor distribution of the market, that in the new year we’ll probably see a bounce, and especially if President Bush and the Congress is successful in passing legislation that would allow us to invest some of our money in the our Social Security money into the market. It can only mean higher market valuations.

Great, Michael Mulhall, thanks so much for joining us.

monlcer down jackets CLARKIN: Interesting take there from one individual investor this morning. He’s a gentleman who follows the markets very closely. And at this point, he said he’s buying a lot of those big tech stocks as they continue to fall.

BILL HEMMER, CNN ANCHOR: Greg Clarkin, thank you, there on the streets of Times Square. We all wish we could have listened to Michael a short while ago moncler outlet store.

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