Contracts between colleges

April 12, 2018

Contracts between colleges and apparel companies are rarely disclosed, so it difficult to determine how much schools receive from apparel companies. But one surfaced last spring on Paul Lukas’s Uni Watch blog, which is devoted to all things sports uniform related. The contract between Nike and the University of Memphis, from 2008,is telling.

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New Haven annual display has also been moved to Saturday night at the summit of East Rock Park. You can view this from many locations below. But if you go there, you find food vendors, a climbing wall and the St. Honored to retire Kolten number 14 that he wore here at UH, Trapasso said. Incredible accomplishments on the field, and the type of person he is off the field made this an easy decision. Fans will now see Kolten 14 on the outfield wall next to Coach Les Murakami 11 and Derek Tatsuno 16.

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