1. Normal Medical Pedicure.
  2. Medical pedicure for diabetics.
  3. Foot diagnostic.
  4. Corn remove.
  5. Hyperkeratosis Removal.
  6. Crack treatment.
  7. Treatment ingrown nail.
  8. Solving the problems of deformed and ingrown nails with correction systems.
  9. Processing a thickened nail plate.
  10. Processing of fungal nails.
  11. Prosthetics of the nail plate.
  12. A sampling of the material of nails and skin for analysis.
  13. Removal of Plantar warts.
  14. Taping of the foot:
  • Preventive
  • Meditative
  • Rehabilitation
  1. Computer foot diagnostics.
  2. Individual insoles (for children, adults, diabetics and athletes).