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Ingrown toenail is a condition which affects people all over the world. Women, men, teenagers and children alike suffer
from it. They are often not aware of the possible cures for this ailment. In many cases a visit to a doctor results in nail plate removal. However, such drastic methods are not always required.
It is considered that ingrown toenails are noticed ever more often and that patients are not so willing to subject themselves to the surgical treatments commonly prescribed today. Every surgeons’ and podologists’ surgery should be equipped with equipment and tools allowing for the best, quickest and non-invasive treatment of a patient. Ingrown toenail correction procedures not only bring relief to a patient but there is more to them than just the aesthetic dimension. They avert complications in, for example, diabetic foot syndrome prevention.


The correction of ingrown toenails is becoming ever more popular not only abroad, but also in Poland. Adrian Arkada
has met a large number of patients struggling with ingrown toenail problems. The challenge for him was to find a way which preserves the correct shape of the deformed nail plate. Never before did he treat ingrown toenails and as such did not have the knowledge of individuals performing orthonyxia procedures. Thus, the young constructor’s thoughts were not restrained in anyway. He was able to let his technical knowledge, gut feeling, ingenuity and creativity take the reins and as a result invented a 100% safe and innovative tool, the Arkada’s Cube.

The procedures are carried out at a surgeon’s or podologist’s surgery. The person carrying out the procedures should be trained within the scope of specialised nursing and feel comfortable in the field of ingrown toenails. With the safety of staff and patients in mind, the surgery should be equipped with the tools required for treatment of and working on the nail plate, nail file drill with an extractor and unconditionally, an autoclave. A comfortable, professional podology chair will ensure the patient’s comfort and facilitate the specialist in carrying out a professional and precise procedure. Every person working with the use of Arkada’s Method has to have had completed professional training within the scope of the tool’s usage. For a specialist, performing a procedure using Arkada’s Cube constitutes an innovative solution, the only one of its kind in the world. Disposal pads, disinfectants, primer, acryl and liquid, disposable file and polish for acryl are required to carry out the procedure. The financial outlay to complete a single procedure is very low. Products from the A.Arkada line will help in the process of correct shaping of the nail plate.