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I would like to seize this opportunity to introduce myself, hoping to earn your trust in Foot Care Clinic and to be your future podiatrist of choice.

Dr. Mohamed Nuri Hamdoun

General practitioner (M.D.G.P), graduated from «National Pirogov Memorial Medical University»;

Podolog, leading author’s seminars, courses, master classes in podology and foot care around the world;

Lecturer, expert-podolog of the «German Federation of Cosmetology and Foot Care»;

Founder and President of the “International Association of Podology and Foot Care”
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Speaker at many international conferences on podology in such cities as Munich, Italy, Riga, Kiev, Lvov, Warsaw, Dubai, Damascus, Hurghada;

The judge of the «Fifth Ukrainian championship in Apparatus and Medical

Pedicure, » held in Kiev in 2018;

The organizer of international conferences on podology in Dubai 20-21.11.2017, in Munich 20-22.01.2019, and in Kiev 02.07.2019.

Our Services

Foot Care Clinic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the foot and ankle and aspects of the lower limbs. Many foot and ankle problems are stress injuries, caused by inappropriate footwear and poor gait when running or walking. These injuries can often be treated by podiatry, using a combination of Orthotics, appropriate footwear and activity modification.

In NuriCare we specialize in:

  • Ingrown toe nail removal surgery
  • Verrucae/wart & corn removal
  • Foot & Ankle pain
  • Heel Pain Syndrome
  • Gait Analysis & Orthotics