foot diagnosis

The specialist, using computer and scanner devices, discovers the distribution of body weight on feet in mobile and immobile states in order to provide an accurate diagnosis in addition to conducting a clinical examination.

If you have flat foot, high arch foot (pes cavus), low back pain, poor circulation, or headache, then insoles designed on the basis of computer diagnosis and made especially for you by the Italian Dr. Foot company can perfectly fit your foot to…

  1. Activate body blood circulation.
  2. Distribute the body weight on the foot correctly.
  3. To suit your age and activity. These insoles are proper for all ages and all sporting shoes (every kind of sport, such as swimming, basketball, running, football, and tennis, has its own special insole), as well as high postcolonial shoes.

High-quality insoles are important for a pain-free everyday life. Dr. Foot insoles are elastic, soft, thin, washable, antibacterial, and made in Italy.

High quality insoles for good daily living without pain, these insoles are elastic, soft, thin, able to wash, antibacterial, and made in Italy.